We are looking for new leaders for Holiday Club in 2019

Holiday Club 2018 was in a new format - two days Thursday and Friday 2nd and 3rd August from 9-3.15. The theme continued the sagas of Ancora, with the Treasure Seekers.

Ancora is the City of Hope. At the summit stands the Spire of Light. The stories of the Saga were told here and the power of storytelling lit the Spire. Each story was represented by a story-treasure. Many of these story treasures were missing and the people of Ancora were determined to get them back. They appealed for new recruits to help them find them – 24 children who were trained to be new Guardians. As Guardians, they went on quests to find the lost story-treasures.

Many thanks to Helen and Nigel Fruin for leading the club in 2018.


IMG 9672a

IMG 9641b

We heard the story of the birth of Jesus and the angels' announcement to the shepherds, and we made sheep. IMG 9770b

We made scones - we like crafts to include cooking!

IMG 9647a

Lanterns lit the way to find the lost story-treasures

IMG 9712a

Firebugs are small insects that helped the guardians find their way

IMG 9652a

We had a busy and fun timetable

IMG 9733a

The Guild was the main setting for the holiday club, where bible stories were told and the Ancora drama unfolded. Prayers were placed at the spire.

In July 2017, children enjoyed the Guardians of Ancora Holiday Club week of fun. The party was held on January 27th 2018. 

Guardians, lighted by their firebug lanterns, joined the quest for the lost story-treasures of Ancora. They found more about who Jesus is through five bible stories: Jesus calling the fishermen, Luke 5: 1-7; Jesus healing the Roman officers' servant, Luke 7: 1-10; Jesus healing a woman and a girl, Luke 8: 40-48 and 49-56; Jesus healing a man who came through the roof, Luke 5:17-26; and feeding the five thousand with five loaves and two fish, John 6:1-15.

 Holiday Club 17 manuscript making small

 The Guildmaster, Guardians and manuscript maker.


The many crafts included painted lanterns.

HC 17 lanterns smaller

They enjoyed the games.

Holiday Club 17 games small

Polar Explorers crossing 2015 small

The Summer Holiday Club provides five mornings of fun in the first full week of the Summer holidays. Our annual holiday club fills two churches, and the land between, with a lot of noise and laughter.

This is a joint project between The URC, St.Augustine's CE and St.Laurence CE churches with additional help from members of other churches in the area.

The stories, teaching, drama, crafts, games, singing, competition and videos centre on stories from the bible. The teaching during the week points the children to God's love for us.

In 2016, holiday club children enjoyed being Mega Makers.

Mega Makers 400pxIMG 9007


In the 2015 Polar Explorers Club, with the help of Gemma, Blizz, Sir Random Finds and Bare Feet, the children learned that no-one is too young, bad or anything to be part of God's big expedition. They can be a friend of Jesus and go out and help others be friends of Jesus too.



The summer 2014 club was named 'Mission Rescue' and told the story of Moses and the release of the israelites from slavery in Egypt.

The Summer 2009 club was 'Waste Watchers'



It was lots of fun


We learned a lot

- with our friends


We enjoyed the drama

club2009-2.gif . . . with a continuing story each day


Created a giant waste tip


and we played lots of games


The summer 2008 club was named "Pyramid Rock" and was based on the Old Testament story of Joseph. pyramid_rock.jpg
With a chance to dress up
to share
and to watch and generally join in.