Sunday before Christmas


Nativity Café

Carols & readings

'DIY nativity'

The church will be arranged in the form of a café, with tables and chairs. You can sit around the tables, take part in the nativity, be served biscuits, tea, coffee or punch and join in with favourite carols.


Carols by candlelight

A service of readings, some biblical some not, and carols to be sung largely by the congregation with two or three pieces by the choir. The church is lit by candles and words for the carols are projected to make it easier for the congregation to read them.

After the service seasonal refreshments are served in the hall downstairs. A very popular service to which all are invited.


Christmas Eve



A service to welcome in Christmas Day.
Carols and readings.

Each person at the service is given a candle.
At midnight, the lights are put out. This leaves just the advent crown. The centre candle is lit, then the flame is passed from person to person until everyone is holding a lighted candle.

The service includes Holy Communion.

At the end of the service the lighted candles can be taken out into the night. The challenge is to bring the flame back to light the advent crown on Christmas Morning - not many people manage it!

Christmas Day 10:00

A family service,
Carols and readings.
Be home in time to baste the Turkey!

If you've opened a present already, bring it along to show us.







A quiet, reflective service. many_praying_hands.jpg

This is held "in the round".

If you have a Palm Cross from last year, bring it with you. The Palm Crosses will be burned and the ash rubbed on our hands. This is followed by washing, through which we wash away the sins in our lives.

burning palm crosses.jpg

8.00pm in the church.

All welcome.


Communion is the heart of Christian worship, and Maundy Thursday remembers the time when Jesus cbread wineommanded us to "Do this in remembrance of me".

We alternate our Maundy Thursday services, year and year about, between a service and a passover meal.

Our Maundy Thursday service, starting at 8.00pm, takes us through the story of that fateful night. It is an experiential reading of the story and includes the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Our Maundy Thursday Passover meal commences at 6:30pm in the main hall. It follows the same format as that celebrated by all Jewish families and celebrated by Jesus and his followers just before his crucifiction. This is a family meal for ALL the family regardless of age.





From 8.00am to 9.00am we reflect on the story of the trial and crucifixion.

tantur 0258 souk via dolorosa



It is, roughly speaking, the time at which Jesus carried the cross from the Antonio Palace area of the Temple along what we call the 'Via Dolorosa', the Way of Sorrow, out to Golgotha where he was crucified.








 We have an All-Age celebration of God's triumph over evil and death! We bring flowers to decflower cross 2orate and make live the dead cross of Good Friday. We celebrate Holy Communion. We praise God for his power.









combine_harvester.png Traditionally, harvest festival is when thanks are given for safely bringing in the harvest of the land.
But in this day and age, few people are connected with the land. So, we look at other harvests. We all produce something. In our harvest festival service, we will look at harvests of the mind, the factory etc. etc. working_with_numbers.png


communion_table.jpg gifts.jpg coins.jpg

There is also the opportunity to bring harvest gifts. Fruit and vegetables are distributed among the housebound in the neighbourhood.

Dry goods are taken to The Isle of Dogs for their Parish Pantry. The Parish Pantry is a store of groceries which is drawn upon for people who are desperate and have nothing.

Gifts of money go to Christian Aid .