Welcome to Broxbourne


New river & fishers, bridge & houses OK


Broxbourne is a pleasant location about twenty miles due north of the centre of London, only a few miles from where the finger of London’s ribbon housing along the roadside gives way at last to open fields.

Being in the valley of the River Lee, most travel here is directed north and south. The roads, the railway, the river, the Navigation, the New River shown (which is neither new nor a river but an open supply of water to London), and even the track of the old Roman road Ermine Street, these all run close together heading out northwards from London towards Ware thence onwards in Cambridge direction, except of course for the river which is flowing the other way. Both rivers, in fact.


Brox Woods. Grass path to right ,some mud BEST.




Leaving the main road to go exploring uphill into the wild west, then ignoring  the golf course you are immediately in extensive ancient rolling woodland with relaxing walks, and may even come upon the zoo, Paradise Park.

Hire boats near the Crown






More likely, pleasure seeking, you will turn off east to wander down to the river for the rowing boats, cruises, pub, ices and snacks, even an occasional  model railway display.




Lady of Lee Valley

Generl River.Walkers



Perhaps a pleasant walk across the meads or else along the riverside to act as an obstacle for bicycles coming at you from both directions.  If you can’t beat them, hire them.




Brox Tower with shops, lites




Broxbourne proper is quite small. We have a set of traffic lights, together with a parade of small shops, a yellow tower block of flats (which used to be blue when it was built as offices), two pubs and only about five restaurants.





Brox Station

Commuters find the railway junction hidden modestly down by the river.


However, our elite name has been hijacked by the Council for the whole Borough which stretches from Waltham Cross in the south to Hoddesdon in the north. Don’t be deceived: Broxbourne Borough Offices are not in Broxbourne, they are south in Cheshunt. Broxbourne Civic Hall, now called simply the 'Spotlight', isn’t in Broxbourne, it is north in Hoddesdon. Such is brand imaging!

Returning to Broxbourne proper, we boast only two churches.

Brox Parish 4




These are across the green from each other; our friends, St Augustine’s Church of England, currently celebrating over 550 years on site,





and us the URC.          











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