World Day of Prayer (WDP)

‘Build on a Strong Foundation’

written by the women of Vanuatu

With kind permission and a great deal of hard work by the Revd Debbie Hodgson. (Minister at the Methodist Church , Middlefield Road, Hoddesdon) the World Day of Prayer service for 2021 took place locally on March 5th.  It was skilfully put together in a Powerpoint presentation and was accessed online.  More than 80 people came virtually to the service. 120 service booklets had been delivered, to people with no access to the internet, by the committee members from all the churches in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne and Wormley.

If you missed this service may we encourage you to look at the WWDP website and watch the service from Vanuatu? 

Each year a different country writes the service and around 170 countries worldwide hold the same service.  All join in a 38 hour Mexican wave of prayer.  This year we heard about the lack of health and educational provision in the islands of Vanuatu.   Rhetoh, Mothy and Jacklynda  shared their painful experiences in growing up, their struggles to access any education, and finding  employment in Vanuatu.

Natasha Appiah spoke the words of Mothy. Natasha as Mothy World Day of Prayer 6 March 2021

The service called women, men and children of all ages to ‘Build on a Strong Foundation’ and live in unity, love and peace in the context of ethnic and cultural diversity like Vanuatu, and many other places around the world.

Eighty or so islands make up the Republic of Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific.  The black and white sandy beaches, coral reefs with coloured fishes, lovely birds, fruits and nuts in the forest, all make the islands a pristine environment but they are vulnerable to frequent tropical storms, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis and active volcanoes. 


                                WDP – Informed Prayer – Prayerful Action

The World Day of  Prayer supports many charities.  This year you can donate to WDP work by making a donation via their website: or by Text message to 70085 using the phrase 2021WDP and then adding the amount you wish to donate or by writing a cheque to:  WDP,  Commercial Rd, Tonbridge Wells, TN1 2RR.  Thank you.

Next year it is the turn of women from England, Wales and N.Ireland to write the service for 4th March 2022.