. . . a meeting for retired gentlemen.

Where once a month, from noon until 2:00pm they can chat, or regale stories and enjoy lunch together.

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I will tell you that we Regaliers usually discuss anything and everything, except to do with the church, but let me break that rule to tell you that at last words have appeared on the outside wall announcing who we are!  As an example of our discussions, at one meeting, when I arrived they were deep into the Women's Cycle race, particularly concerned for the girl who was watched crashing off her bike at the end of new Road. Then via the danger of bollards to the difficulty of avoiding Paypal payments.

There had been up to three power failures at the weekend, during one of which one of our folk reported seeing a flash before one kitchen power point connecting a kettle exploded and burned out! There was a mention of Fanny Craddock and Johnny, then via Astrophysics to Travellers who have houses and never move. This led to the large increase of boats on the Lee, and the prices of flats. The life storage of pictures using common CDs believed to deteriorate relative to keeping the pictures on paper moved to the greater care with which we used to plan when there were only 24 shots on a film. It was noted that our church scaffolding is not as high as last time, and how in film days it was known to sit straddling the roof peak to take pictures progressively all 360 degrees around. This moved on to taking boy scouts out in past times to phone boxes to explain the workings of buttons A and B. Discussing foghorns moved on to the increasing problem of migrants openly climbing into lorries stuck on the motorway at Calais.

As you can see, we have been having a jolly time. At least it gives us a chance to meet up with each other monthly in a relaxed situation.

We have been grateful to David and Jenny for hosting these lunches at the manse. Now that David has retired, we meet in each others' homes. Especial thanks to Jenny for the continued supply of birthday cakes and for all the time she has given to making the meetings something to look forward to over the years.

Attendance fluctuates according to personal conditions at the time. That being said, if you worship at the church, are retired and a gentleman, come along and join this erudite band of talkers!