Think of someone in our church who is ill or going through a difficult time.


praying_handsPeople will be praying for them. And among those praying will be the members of the Prayer Fellowship.

We meet once a month to pass on news of the people we are praying for. We add new names to our list when we hear about people who have fallen ill or who are facing a major crisis in their lives. And we take names off when people recover from the illness or overcome the problem. And of course when people die we pray for their families and friends.


We also pray for many people outside the church fellowship, especially for friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Some church members pass information to us asking for prayers, and we are always happy to receive prayer requests.


Between meetings we commit ourselves to praying daily for those on our lists.


prayer fellwoship

There are at the moment 3 members of Prayer Fellowship, supported by 5 others by e-mail, and they are committed to praying daily for people in need of prayer.    The fellowship itself meets once a month to discuss those on the list and to pray together.

The list of people being prayed for changes slowly over time: the total number being prayed for in June this year is 65, but each member of the Fellowship will be praying for about 25 of them.    Over this past year, almost 30 people have stayed on the list for the whole year.    Most people are on the list for a few months until God has answered our prayers, in what ever way seems best to Him.

Of the 65 or so on the list, about 20 are members of the church family here at Broxbourne.     Many of the rest are friends and work colleagues of people in the church.   Most of those prayed for are ill, or recovering from illness; some are bereaved; others have family or social problems.

Many members of Prayer Fellowship lead very busy lives, but feel that finding time for prayer for others is an important part of their life.   If you feel the same, then joining Prayer Fellowship may be something for you to consider.


We are always happy to welcome new members to
Prayer Fellowship.