Hitch Hikers is a lively group of youngsters of secondary school age and above, who meet in term time in the URC Upper Room from 7.00pm on Sunday evenings. 7-7.30 games, 7.30 refreshments, 7.45-8.30 Spirit Zone


 Hitchhikers conflict and hurt small


 Rave in the Nave

- Ely Cathedral


On an ordinary evening we have games, refreshments  and Spirit Zone, which gives something to think about.  Often the Spirit Zone is video-based. 

Themes 2017:

29 Jan Mixed emotions, 5 Feb Joy, 26 Feb Anger, 5 March Sadness, 12 March Disgust,  19 March Outing to bowling - early start, 26 March Fear.

2-23 April inclusive: Easter break

We also have special Sundays when we go out on an outing or have a themed evening. We have been on several night hikes/geocaching trips, bowling and bird watching. We have cooked a meal, had a Christmas Party, a weekend trip away participating in ‘Rave in the Nave’ at Ely Cathedral, a night at Emmanuel URC in Cambridge, punting on the River Cam and a formal afternoon tea at St Ives.

Hitch Hikers is always the best way to end
my week. I always enjoy the games and outings, and the Spirit Zone is useful to
give me something to think about' E

Hitchhikers walk 2015 small


Night Hike and Geocaching

All young people from school year 7 and above are welcome! Contact David Bradburn.