Most people in Broxbourne are fortunate enough never to have to experience homelessness, but for those who do it can be a very traumatic experience that is hard to escape from, damaging physical and emotional well-being.

In January 2019, it is hoped that the Broxbourne Winter Night Shelter Scheme for single homeless people can be established. The aim is to have 7 churches hosting guests on one night each of the week. Each church will arrange its own volunteers but can obtain help from non-participating churches.

Are you willing to help and support someone turn their life around? The scheme is in need of volunteers for various shifts, with flexibility. Probably there will be three shifts: evening 6.30 to 9.30/10pm, set up and welcoming; night shift 10-6.30/7am, secure building and settle guests in; morning 6.30 to 9.30/10am, prepare simple breakfast.

There will be free training provided for all volunteers. Please speak to David Bradburn or David Lee.

Also, check the Church Diary
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