Davids headSomething had to change

Dear Friends,

Something had to change. Someone had to blow the whistle. Corruption had to be exposed and systems changed. How do you bring about change in an international, global entity without destroying it? How do you repair something from within so that it functions properly? How do you make the change so thorough that it doesn’t revert after a few years?


 Our mission is worshipping God and loving our neighbours. We have worship and groups and activities for all ages. You are assured of a friendly welcome. We provide a variety of times and styles of being church: Sunday mornings, twice a month on a Wednesday evening for exploring the spiritual side of life and monthly on Wednesday mornings informal prayer and reflection. In addition, the buildings are much used by the community. 

Fruits of the spirit


Advance notice of events:


Tues    7th   8.00 pm   TIME4Life AGM: 6 Tudor Rise

                  8.00 pm    Ladies’ Christmas Choir

Fri     10th   8.00 pm    Men’s Christmas Choir

SUN    12th 10.00 am  Remembrance Sunday Worship. The Minister.

Tues    14th 8.00 pm    After Eights: Christmas on the Home Front: Mike Brown

Thurs   16th 8.00 Holiday Club Steering Group

SUN    19th 10.30 am   Traditional Worship with Communion. The Minister.

Followed by Church Meeting and Fellowship Lunch.


Sat     2nd  10.00 am – 2.00 pm Our Great Christmas Bazaar

Sat    9th    2.00 pm Carols at Paradise Wildlife Park