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New Website: the Church is About Communication

Dear Friends

One of the things I have definitely not become involved with in my ministry is the development of websites. In our Area of Shared Ministry we are very fortunate to have someone in each of the churches who has taken this under their wing, and we have relied heavily on Bob – a former Elder at Broxbourne – to guide and teach, and do a huge amount of work in setting things up. Broxbourne’s new site is up and running....The method of communication may have changed but the message hasn’t! It is the good news of what God has done for us in Jesus in washing away the bad old times and allowing a new start


 Our mission is worshipping God and loving our neighbours. We have worship and groups and activities for all ages. You are assured of a friendly welcome. We provide a variety of times and styles of being church: Sunday mornings, twice a month on a Wednesday evening for exploring the spiritual side of life and monthly on Wednesday mornings informal prayer and reflection. In addition, the buildings are much used by the community. 

Bit of Web site

Worship and Events in February 2016

Mon ​ 1st ​ 8.00 pm​ Prayer Fellowship
Wed​ 3rd​ 10.30 am​ Coffee and Conversation
SUN​ 7th ​10.30 am​ Morning Worship: Evodian Fonyonga.
Tue​ 9th​ 8.00 pm​ After Eight’s
Wed​ 10th​ 9.15 am​ Touching Base.​ 8.00 pm​ Ash Wednesday service
SUN​ 14th​10.30 am​ All-age Worship. The Minister.
Tues​ 16th​12.15 pm​ Lent Lunch:
Wed​17th​10.30 am​ ETF. 2.00 pm​ Services at The Hollies and St Catherine’s
SUN​ 21st​ 10.30 am​ Morning Worship: Lilian Evans
Tues​ 23rd​ 12.15 pm ​Lent Lunch:
Wed​ 24th​12.00 noon​ Regent Regale 8.00 pm​ ETF
Sat​ 27th​ 2pm​ Books, Bric-a-brac and Beverages
SUN​ 28th​10.30 am​ Morning Worship: The Minister.
Mon​ 29th​ 2.30 pm ​Talk on Sierra Leone: Miriam Mason-Sesay
​ 8.00 pm​ Holiday Club Steering Committee

Please see the calendar for details