My first encounter with Janus was on the
cover of our school magazine, which was
always published at the start of the calendar
year. For the ancient Romans, Janus was the
god of beginnings and endings, transitions
and doorways. He is depicted as having two
faces, looking back to the past and forward to
the future; and it’s probably true for most of
us that each new year prompts consideration
of what has passed and what is to come.Dear FriendsOur Ouour lives may be changing, but our God isn’tOOOOur

Take me to your leader (by Mike Excell)

I’m writing this immediately after Easter, and at this time of year I’m often reminded of a significant event which affected my working life. For a major chunk of my career I was the editor of an engineering magazine, a job I loved, and exactly twenty years ago the group for which I was working was sold off and taken over by another publishing company. On Maundy Thursday, with no prior warning, we were told to clear our desks at Canary Wharf….and to re-assemble at our new Soho location the following Tuesday, in unfamiliar offices and under new owners.



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