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Dear Friends,

As I write this month I do so a few days after another national vote that has made many people afraid of the future, and upset the thinking of many more. America has played its trump card in an uncertain and changing world. The day after the result of the election was announced Mark Mardell (BBC presenter of ‘The World This Weekend’) drew important parallels between the vote in the USA and the vote here that has engaged us in Brexit. One line in his analysis stood out to me. He was imagining the number of people who would tell us what is happening or will happen because of the vote(s) and went on to say: “we need people who change the world, rather than describe it (Mark Mardell, BBC news website 10-11-16 ‘What links Trumps victory and Brexit?’). Amen! There are so many people full of good prose to tell us all the ins and outs of what’s going on, but all those words change or improve nothing.


 Our mission is worshipping God and loving our neighbours. We have worship and groups and activities for all ages. You are assured of a friendly welcome. We provide a variety of times and styles of being church: Sunday mornings, twice a month on a Wednesday evening for exploring the spiritual side of life and monthly on Wednesday mornings informal prayer and reflection. In addition, the buildings are much used by the community. 

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Fri    2nd    8.00 pm Choir – All: The Church. 

SUN  4th   10.30 amMorning Worship: Alan Gillingham.

Mon   5th   8.00 pm Church Meeting.

Wed  7th   10.30 am ETF. Oasis.                        

Fri    9th    8.00 pm Choir Rehearsal. All

Sat10. 11.00 Carol Singing at Santander, Hoddesdon.

 2.00 pm Carols at ParadisePark.

SUN11th 10.30 amTraditional Worship with Communion. 

Mon12th 2pm COMET Christmasparty

8.00 pm Elders33 St David’s Drive

Tue13th 7 for 7.30 pm After Eights Christmas Meal

Wed14th 9.15am Touching Base.Oasis.

1.30 pm Mother and Toddler Christmas Party.

3.15 pm Xstream Christmas party

8.00 pmETF: 14 Springfields

Fri​16th 8.00 pm choir rehearsal, the Church.

SUN18th10.30 am Nativity Cafe

6.30 pmLessons & Carols by Candlelight, refreshments.

Wed21st noon Regent Regale: The Manse

2.00 pm St. Catherine’s and the Hollies services.

Fri23rd 8pm Choir Rehearsal

Sat24th11.30 pmChristmas Eve Midnight Communion

SUN25th10.00 amChristmas Day Family Service. The Minister.

SUN1st10.30 amMorning Worship. The Elders.